Does Social Security Discourage “Marginal” Beneficiaries

Does receipt of Social Security Disability (SSD) discourage work? According to a recent study from the RAND Corporation, the answer is “yes” for nearly one-fourth of new beneficiaries who are only “marginally” disabled. The study concludes that of all applicants for Social Security Disability, about 23% of applicants are “marginal” and that the disposition of their claim depends on whether the Social Security Examiner assigned to the case is “lenient” or “strict.” The main finding of the study is that Social Security applicants with less severe impairment who are DENIED benefits, are 21% more likely to return to work, than are “marginal” applicants who are GRANTED benefits.

Social Security Disability attorney and lawyer, Randy Zeldin, Esq., is less confident of the findings of the RAND study. According to Social Security Disability attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq., the RAND study does not measure the “success” or “duration” of the so-called “marginal” applicants who do return to work. “Do ‘marginal’ applicants return to work for a week, a month or a year and how much do they earn?” questions attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq.. Much more research needs to be done before conclusions can be drawn.

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