Electrocution injuries pose threat to Florida workers

The law office of Randy Zeldin recently represented an electrical worker who suffered severe injuries as the result of an electrocution. This worker came to Florida from the Midwest, to help with rebuilding the electrical grid caused by devastating hurricanes in 2005. Unfortunately, the workers was reinstalling an electrical wire and suffered burns and orthopedic injuries.

I decided to do some research and came across some surprising facts. According to the National Institute for Safety and Health (“NIOSH”), contact with electricity is the fourth leading cause of death at construction sites. Further research revealed that electrocution death are highest among electrical power installers and earth drillers, as reported by the Center for Construction Research and Training (“CCRT”). CCRT also reports that the highest numbers of deaths among construction workers are found with electricians, construction laborers, supervisors/managers and electrical power repair persons.

Because South Florida is predicted to have many more hurricanes in the foreseeable future, disruptions to the utilities and the electrical power grid are unavoidable. It is vital that Florida’s construction and electrical workers be properly trained and that employers take all precautions and safety measures to prevent often fatal electrocution accidents.

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