Importance of a “Seizure Diary”

For Claimants seeking Social Security Disability Benefits for seizures, both epileptic and non-epileptic and for chronic migraine headaches, it is vital that a complete and accurate record be made of the number, date, time and severity of seizures.  The treating medical provider can reflect the history provided by the Claimant, but of course, is not present to witness the seizures as they manifest.  Both the Social Security Administration and particularly Administrative Law Judges, seek evidence that seizures which are debilitating enough in frequency and severity, to preclude employment.

What is the best evidence of seizures?  It is a record made directly by the Claimant in “real time” or as close as possible to “real time,” as the seizures are occurring.  A manual, paper diary of such events is the method utilized by most Claimants to keep an ongoing record of seizures.  However, the Epilepsy Foundation now has a free electronic tool called “My Seizure Diary” that may be useful for Social Security Claimants who experience seizures.  Recording the frequency, severity and triggers of seizures could assist claimants in their conversations with medical providers, their testimony before Administrative Law Judges and in completion of a myriad of Social Security forms.  The diary, which can be used on computers or via iPhone and Android app versions, is available at  Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq., recommends and supports the use of the “My Seizure Diary” as an excellent and handy tool for Social Security Claimants to accurately and complete document seizure activity, for purposes of creating admissible evidence before a Social Security Judge.

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