Poor States Have More Social Security Disability

It is no surprise that the poorest U.S. States generally have the greatest number of Social Security Disability recipients. In general, Social Security Disability recipients have doubled in the past 20 years, from 5.2 millions to over 11.7 million individuals.

Those States having the greatest number of Social Security recipients, also have high rates of poverty and chronically low wages. The 10 States with the highest number of Social Security beneficiaries is West Virginia; Mississippi; Alabama; Kentucky; Arkansas, Tennessee; Michigan and Maine. Unfortunately, citizens of these areas often are faced with jobs which pay wages little more than what is paid by Social Security. These tend to be unskilled manufacturing or retail jobs, often at or near minimum wage. According to the Brookings Institution, many workers in these States actually have declining wages and income, due largely to the great recession.

Not surprisingly, the poorest States in the U.S. often have the worst health care and therefore higher rates of disease, illness and resulting disability. A Gallup-Healthway survey recently found that generally, the states with the highest rates of disability also have the most serious health conditions, including cardiac disease; orthopedic problems involving the back and knee and of course, diabetes. West Virginia takes the cake for both the highest disability rates, as well as the highest rates of disease and illness.

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