Social Security Unveils New Plan for Hearing Backlog

With a backlog of nearly 1.1 million claimants awaiting hearings before a Social Security Judge, by the end of 2015, and an average wait time to get a hearing of 512 days nationwide, the pressure is on to create new ways to expedite the process.  Recently, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review has announced such a plan.  It has been named as Compassionate and Responsive Services, which has the goal of reducing processing time to 270 days.  There are many caveat to the plan.  Firstly, the goal is not intended to be met for another four years, until 2020.  Secondly, the plan requires the U.S. Congress to allocate significantly more money to the overall administrative system.  Following are some more detailed aspects of the proposals to speed up processing:

  • Use of data analytics and profiles which would send cases back to the initial State agencies, if there is a high probability of a favorable ruling.
  • Increase use of video hearings and expanded physical locations to hold live hearings.
  • The hiring of more Social Security Judges.
  • Greater use of staff Social Security attorneys to screen cases and make recommendations.
  • Hiring of more Social Security Judges and support staff.

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