Social Security Disability Not In Crisis

In December 2011, some 8.6 million people received disabled-worker benefits from Social Security. The number of disabled workers has doubled since 1995, while the working-age population-conventionally described as people age 20-64-has increased by only about one-fifth. Over the 1995-2011 period, the rate of persons on Social Security Disability rose from 3.5% to 4.5%. While that’s a significant increase, it’s not nearly as dramatic as some have painted.

Not surprisingly, the rate of persons receiving Social Security Disability has crept upwards during periods of economic distress. Anecdotally and statistically, we know that many workers with physical or other health conditions turn to disability insurance when they can’t find jobs and exhaust their unemployment benefits.

The growth of “baby boomer” retirees and the growth of females receiving Social Security Disability, have been major contributory factors. Once and if the economy rebounds, it is expected that the numbers receiving Social Security Disability will start to reverse.

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