Social Security Judges Sue Social Security!

The Association of Administrative Law Judges, which encompasses “Social Security Judges,” recently brought a Federal law suit against the Social Security Administration. The contention of the litigation is that Social Security Judges must meet a “quota” of between 500-700 cases annually. This is interpreted as approximately two rulings each day.

The litigant Social Security judges contend that this quota system, compromises the due process rights of the litigants and can lead to erroneous decisions. That could translate to denying claims which should be approved and of course, approving claims which should be denied.

Several Judges interviewed acknowledged that approved claims typically require decisions of 3-5 pages in length and are mostly routine in format and substance. A denied claim, however, is more complicated both legally and factually and decisions are often as long as 15 pages. Thus, according to parties in the litigation, there is an incentive for Social Security Judges to approve, rather than deny claims, in an effort to meet work quotas.

The Social Security Administration adamantly denies the position of the Social Security Judges who have brought the litigation. They believe that the litigation is a “pretext” for Judges who are not productive.

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