Social Security to Ramp Up “Continuing Disability Reviews”

The talk in Washington, D.C. these days is all about budget cuts and the need to trim Social Security expenditures. There is one area in which the U.S. Congress hopes that by increasing spending, it can actually cut expenditures from the Social Security Administration: “continuing disability reviews.” What does that mean? “Continuing Disability Review” refers to the process whereby the Social Security Administration reviews individuals who have been receiving Social Security Disability, but may no longer require the benefits, because of improvements in health or simply because the individual is working (openly or secretly). Some of the cases could lead to civil and criminal fraud prosecution. The current backlog of cases awaiting review is 1.4 million!

In recent years, because of budget cuts, the number of cases reviewed by the Social Security Administration has fallen sharply. But Congress has recently increased funding to SSA in the specific hopes, that it can ramp up significantly the continuing disability review process and thereby, cut many individuals from the Social Security Disability rolls, who are no longer eligible or deserving of the benefits.

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