South Florida Workplace Safety Getting Attention

Workplace safety in Florida is near the bottom of all 50 States. Construction injuries in South Florida rank among the highest in the country. Florida Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, recognizes the problem and has begun classes to assist employers with safety improvements. The classes will provide information on the Florida workers’ compensation law, when exemptions apply, what resources are available to help employers and contractors and training on workplace safety.

The State of Florida has certainly improved its record on enforcing compliance with workers’ compensation laws. Last year, 2,518 businesses were shut down by the State of Florida, because of failure to obtain workers’ compensation coverage.

According to attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. of Boca Raton, South Floridian workers will be subjected to dangerous workplaces into the future. The penalties and enforcement mechanisms must be made “very severe” according to attorney Zeldin, before things will change in a meaningful way. Further, OSHA has been gutted of a budget and its absence continues to contribute to workplace injuries.

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