U.S. Congress Probes Social Security Delays

For the calendar year 2011, more than 3 millions U.S. citizens are expected to apply for Social Security Disability. According to the Social Security Administration, approximately 750,000 applications are currently pending for calendar year 2011. There are many reasons for this huge uptick in applications, but an aging population, coupled with a severe economic recession, are usually cited as the primary reasons.

The flood of applications for Social Security Disability has severely exacerbated the delays in processing. Several Congressman from the House Ways and Means Committee, are investigating whether any of the delays caused by the swell in applications, are actually deliberate. Rep. David Camp has asked the Social Security Administration’s Inspector General, to determine whether Administrative Law Judges and staff, were asked to deliberately delay processing of claims, in order to meet administrative goals. Some anonymous Social Security Administration personnel have reported to the Wall Street Journal, that they were actually ordered by SSA officers, to delay adjudicating and processing claims, in order to meet administrative and bureaucratic targets.

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